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Thread: Driver Auto Update

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    Driver Auto Update

    Ok I managed to ****-up some of the drivers on PC - now for some of them i have the driver cd's but others are long lost....now i did back them all up using ghost-drive but upon trying to use it is asking me for a reg key and for the few times i would need it i dont fancy paying!!
    Is there any free auto-update driver installers out there?
    I know i could just trawl the web and find the drivers i need but is there any progs to do that for me? like you run it - it detects what needs fixed and then gets appropriate drivers???

    shareware or freeware pls


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    DriverMagic Does that,

    its only a demo tho


    homepage - http://www.rubymicro.com/

    Not sure if it will help tho,
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