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    Hardware problems

    How is everyone doing.....

    The problem that i came across while i tried to service a friends computer that went down on the day of block out..Was!!..The pc would not start, so the first thing that i did was check the power supply with one that was working, so my first move was right, the power supply was not working, after that was fixed i tried to boot up the operating system, but it would not boot up so i inserted my win 98 startup disk to see if i would be able to use "chckdsk" to see the integrity of the drive, but just as tried to insert the command i realized that the keyboard was not working nothing i typed was showing so i switch the keyboard for one that was working, but i experienced the same problem.......And now i'm stuck not knowing what to do can anyone help...........


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    was the computer surge protected
    if not then the best thing you can do to fix it is this
    open case
    remove all hardwear
    go to store
    buy hardwear to replace old stuff
    install hardwear in case
    install os of choice

    sorry but I went through this with a friend about a mounth ago becuse of a blackout...it trashed everthing.
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    TAIWL do you see the startup screen when you turn on the PC? You know the screen where it's shows the memory test. Because am thinking the board could be burnt. Just a thought.

    Let me know what it's doing i.e. if you are seeing anything at all. One of the other cards could be burnt also. You just need to check.

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    I have similiar problems to this. My problem was that I was using a USB keyboard, and for some reason, the computer would not recognize it. So is the a USB keyboard or PS/2??

    Yeah, you seeing any info on the screen? Do you hear any beeps? One beep means your m/b is fine.

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    Check for POST beeps and this might point out the problem. If there is no POST screen or you dont see the BIOS screen when booting then could be a problem with mobo. try getting another mobo and fixing the other components together and see if this helps. this will help show if the mobo is the problem.

    This kind of troubleshooting would just require a step by step process to eliminate all causes and try to isolate the offending component. As he rest have said it seems to be a problem with the mobo. seems to be fried.

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    Tanx for helping me ..............Taiwl

    When i power up the pc i do see the startup screen and i do see the memory count and there are no beeps when i first boot the pc, but the OS does not start. My main problem is that i can use the keyboard; so what i'm going out for a usb keyboard right to see if would work..................preciate yall help.................pssssssss,,,,,,,Taiwl

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