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Thread: cd-r or dvd-r

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    cd-r or dvd-r

    my hp came with a cd writer only.... so my question is .... i was wondering if i could use those 4.7gb blank dvd discs to make data backups and things instead of being limited to the regular 700mb cd-r discs. or will they only work on a dvd drive?

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    Nope. You need to have a DVD+R or DVD-R drive to write to their respective media. A CD-R will only write to regular blank CD-R discs.


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    Avdven is perfectly correct.

    You can get 800MB CDs these days, but you might also think about file compression, before you save.

    I have only gone for Sony, when it comes to DVD writing drives.............yeah they are expensive, but they support both the - and + formats, and I do not know which will "win"


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