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Thread: Flash help

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    Flash help

    alright I'm reli interested in learning more on flash...but im not exactly sure where to start...any and all ideas would be great. thxs peace.

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    what aspect u intrested in?
    website design in flash?
    games design?
    cd-rom development?

    flash can do soooooooooooooo much but a lil bit more info is needed

    for general stuff take a peek at www.flashkit.com
    tho is that site ever updated???


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    Here's a nice list of resources on Flash:


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    THxs a lot!...yeha forgot to say webdesign.

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    heh what element of webdsign? you want to leanr how to create a full site? make menus? animations? guestbooks? chatrooms? - heh the list is endless

    some very good books on the subject are by friends of ed (http://www.flashmxlibrary.com/)
    if you got any questions about specific areas like :::

    How do I create an animated button?


    then gimmie a shout or post it - just a bit general to go thro everything you need to know about designing a site in flash

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    Thxs for the help valhallen!!!

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