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Thread: PKI Resources

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    PKI Resources

    Does anyone know of some good PKI resources? I'm looking into some reasearch on PKI deployment, and potential issues of the underlaying protocols.

    Doesn't have to be anything too technical, just something to whet my brain on the state of challenges in this arena.



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    I was browsing on that subject ealier, one of the best 'basics' places i found was:

    They have a lot of good info there including a nice white paper giving a good intro to PKI:

    Hope this is what you were looking for...


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    I have thrown together some PKI using Verisgn. Ya I hate them too but some times you have to bend over to get the job done. Anyway those links are interesting non-vendor specific links. Thanks.

    Anyway the verisign site www.verisign.com has several solutions if you need them in a pintch. (I hate saying that).
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    Thanks guys, I'll check into those and see if I've got any more questions.


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