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Thread: help needed

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    help needed

    hi all,
    a couple of days ago a letter was posted entiteled "HELP US HELP YOU".
    really it was a good initiative and i appreciate it.now as per the instructions i tried to search my problem answer through GOOGLE.but ended to be a feckless and a wild goose chase.what i wanted was an answer to the problem of unpredictable(as far as my ken goes) hanging of my system.
    the stats are
    1)system configration

    P-III 886 Mhz
    128 mb ram
    20 gb segate harddisk
    intel 815e moterboard(INTEL)
    a cd drive(SAMSUNG)
    cd writer(LG)
    and a floppy drive(make UNKNOWN)
    samsung multimedia keyboard
    (p/s2) wheel mouse(make unknown)its a plug and play one and runs on the
    drivers provided by the windows.it dose have a specified driver of its

    2)there are 3 os on my system
    red hat 7.2
    win 98se(primary partition)
    win xp prof.
    i use grub boot loader

    3)the system has a nic card and a modem .but is presently not connected to any network.i have norton antivirus 2003.and avg 6.0 .

    now the problem is
    during the boot up as the windows 98se screen is displayed if i just
    some bunch of keys say arrow keys repeatedley 4-5 times my system will
    go numb the 98 will load but neither the mouse interacts nor the keyboard.and similarly if i use my too roam about too quickly or fastly
    the system literally goes numb.in both the cases only option is restarting the computer.in XP also sometimes the mouse create problems but the chances are 1/10.and in linux albeit the mouse some times makes
    stooping movements but it never hangs it out.
    ALSO I M A regular user of 98 in my system.so that may be a reason that i can figure out the problem in that OS more immaculately.
    also there are times when the mouse attached to the system but win 98 gives me a no mouse error.and if i try to reattach the mouse the SYSTEM HANGS.

    now i have done the following
    looked for driver confliction if any found none.
    the system resources are usually above 75%.
    even reinstalled the whole OS thing.
    checked the mouse ps/2 port the mouse pins.

    i really need help

    till then.


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    Let me think a little bit about that problem, but you say you have both norton AV and AVG antivirus on your computer. I'm thinking that might cause some conflicts down the road later on.

    You'ld probably be better off running just one AV.

    btw: Norton Firewall includes Norton AV.

    One possible thing I can think of is maybe a IRQ conflict with 98? That might be completely wrong but worth a shot. I think on 98 go to start -->programs-->accessories-->system tools-->System Information. If you click hardware resources, then IRQ's. Run through that list and make sure that one number isn't used more than once.

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    This may not be the problem but it is worth a shot for the mouse. You mentioned that in all three os's your mouse has movement problems. If you are using a ball mouse it may be in need of a little cleaning. Im pretty sure that isnt a problem since you said your keyboard goes "numb" also. I wont go into detail about cleaning the mouse since its not very hard and most likely not the problem. cheyenne1212's post seems like a better answer so i would check that out first.

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    cheyenne's answer may be the 1st thing u might want to do.

    A question tho, when your pc boots up at the very beginning (during the RAM check), do you sometimes get the message "Keyboard Not Found" and then it asks you to press F1, and the keyboard works anyway?
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    yes i do get the message of kyd not connected but then what it has to do with it .no it dose not ask to hit f1 key.dont u guys think i shd get new drivers or a new mouse(just a option).

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    Hi there,

    I am going for an unusual suggestion........I do not think that you have enough memory!

    I suspect that by hitting keys or using the mouse during start you are giving it too much to handle, and "provoking" the crash.

    I believe that the underlying cause is the Norton/AVG antivirus combination, as both will be trying to load their interactive protection at the same time.

    If your machine "hangs due to lack of resource", this can cause strange mouse and keyboard behaviour. Or they will not load properly.

    Do a search for RAM Idle Pro and download it. It may be free (mine was) or get a trial. It will put an icon in your system tray showing free RAM. Right click on this and select "configuration"
    select "more options" then "tray icon".........set it to show "system resources"

    When you next boot watch the amount of RAM free and put your mouse pointer on the tray icon. You will see the system resources available. This will confirm or not if it is a "memory leak" ...that is one or more programs taking RAM and not giving it back.

    Do you get this problem if you boot in safe mode . If not, that tends to point to the two antivirus programs, as they will not automatically load in safe mode, so cannot conflict.

    Hope that this helps.

    BTW I am running WIN98se on a machine with 320 Mb of RAM I have just booted it, and it has 71Mb free.....so it is actually using 249Mb. Win98se is a pretty greedy operating system, and if there is a memory leak, you could easily have problems.

    Hope that this helps

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    Nihil might be right with that.

    With two AV's loading, plus whatever else you loading up might be causing some problems, but I would think that you would be getting an error saying system resources are dangerously low.

    The mouse or keyboard shouldn't use any ram should they? They don't have to store anything.

    But try disabling one of the AV's, and check the IRQ's

    Another thing you might do is start-->run--> type "msconfig" without the quotes. Click on the startup tab. From there you will be able to keep programs from starting up when you start your OS. That would help to free up some memory.

    /edit: One thing that probably wouldn't hurt would to run a virus scan, and run something like the cleaner. I think the address is http://www.moosoft.com/cleaner . If that doesn't work then heres my FTP site filename is cleaner3.exe.

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    so it works in *nix.. ? and the mouse is only erratic once in a while in *nix so it's
    not a common thing between the two OS's.. the hanging problem is with W98.
    could be mobo chipset drivers.. and memory and it could be actual defective memory.

    I'd download these two DOS (boot disk) memory checkers..
    Docmemory v2.0 and memtest86..

    running memory test in in DOS in allows you to check your most of your memory.
    running a windows diag.. it can only test available memory.. same with these two but you have a lot more memory available if you've only loaded dos..

    the docmemory tests are actually VERY extensive.. it runs various patterns..
    walking ones, alternating ones/zeros, checkerboard patterns.. these check for adjacent "leaks".. these type of pattern tests are what are used in the testing done by the memory semiconductor companies.. using very large unix based automatic test equiptment.
    (I know this as I was a field engineer for a maker of ATE equipment)

    anyway.. you know those little memory checker testers that the vendors have at the computer fairs ? well those boxes dont' check diddley-squat.. a few one's and zeros'
    tests.. good testing requires a bit of time.

    ok, end of lesson on memory checks.. we all know win98 has an adversion to allowing for memory leaks (ususally the fault lies within the programs running) and not allowing memory not being used to be properly allocated back to free space.

    ok.. so folks come up with 3rd party memory managers and yeah, they can free up space. but they take up available space themselves..

    here is what I do.. I create my own "freemem.vbs" file and keep a link to it available in my tray. I posted about it here in this thread

    as most of you may know, windows hogs memory when an app opens and doesn't really free it up when the app is closed. yeah, there are programs like freemempro..etc.. but in reality you don't need them. For folks with lot's of memory, this isn't needed much but could help if you are like me and have 10-20 things runnning at the same time .

    open notepad (or other editor) and put in the following line :

    FreeMem = Space(32000000)

    then save it as a .vbs file .. (like "free32meg.vbs") to your desktop or app launcher.
    of course you could make one's for other memory sizes too.

    to watch the effects, bring up system monitor and choose freemem.. then play with opening apps and dblclicking on the file. it takes a little longer for it to do it's work with increased memory size entered inside the setting.. but within 2-3 seconds you'll have more memory..
    edit : oh.. DO NOT plug your ps/2 mouse into your mobo while power is on..
    you can blow your mobo's ps/2 input..
    a serial or usb mouse.. you can plug in with the power on

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    Its a hardware fault somewhere. I had a similar problem with a friends system where the mouse either wouldnt respond or would move slowly or hang altogther. I have tried reinstalking the whole OS but it didnt solve the problem. So from that, my bet would be a hardware problem. Also the fact that it occurs in other oSes although not a frequently points to the fact that it seems to be a hardware fault. If you ask e to make a guess, I would say that it was a mobo problem. prob with the ps2 ports or the controllers. my suggestion would be to get another mobo and test it out. only way to really troubleshoot the problem is to test each component separately on a working system.

    also there are times when the mouse attached to the system but win 98 gives me a no mouse error.and if i try to reattach the mouse the SYSTEM HANGS.
    This is a problem with win98. if your mouse is not detected and you unplug it an plug it back in the system will hang or the mouse still doesnt work.

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