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Thread: help needed

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    Following up on r8devil's suggestion, if it is the mouse or PS/2 port, try a serial mouse or USB one. Win98 supports USB just fine if it is loaded and activated.


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    I would tend to think that since you only have a 20GB HDD with three O/S's on it and all the other stuff you have installed and only have 128 of prob PC133 RAM and not a very quick prosessor that your computer is going to struggle and genraly be sluggish with every prosess it undertakes.

    Maybe ditch an O/S, (a problem you might have is that say you have installed a driver under 98, when you boot up with XP the driver might not be compatable with it)

    Or, upgrade you RAM, its fairly cheap at the monent.

    Or, get a new CPU, you will prob need a new MO BO though, so this is proberbly the most expensive option.
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