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    Starting Linux network

    Here I need help.
    I have a PIII with two hardisks one is 20GB for windows and the other 8GB.
    In 8GB i have installed Linux.
    I have another PC PI with 8GB which will be dedicated to Linux only.
    Now I want to establish a netwok making PIII the server, Please let me know what all i need( I mean the hardware and the software), and what is the process of doing all this.

    Thanx, any sort of Information will be welcomed and will be of help to me.

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    Truthfully on any network smaller than 10 clients, you dont need a dedicated server per-say, but its still a fun learning process none the less.

    First off figure out what you want on the server: are you going to play around with designing webpages(apache) perhaps learn to setup your own mail servers (postfix, sendmail), etc, and figure out what packages or daemons you need to install.

    As far as setting up the physical network, you need a nic card in each, two piece of cat5 networking cable, and a hub or switch to connect the two. You could also connect the two directly using networking cable, but thats a bit more complicated than you want, plus it doesnt afford for expansion as the hub setup would. Once you have the hardware, you have to setup your IP addressing scheme, so hopefully you have prior experience with setting up IPs on the OS's your working with. The simplest way to go is assign static IPs to your machines something like this

    Server: IP - Subnet -
    Client 1: IP - Subnet -

    There are ways to use DHCP to hand out the IP addresses automatically as the computers start up, but again thats a bit more than you probably want for now.

    I suggest you play around with this info for now, but dont hook them up to the intenet just yet, as you want to get a firewall and lock down the boxes to prevent someone else from having fun on your network.

    ps - if i left anything out feel free to correct me, or ask me other more specific questions
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