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    \Device\Net BT_tcpip_{7664b925-F440-4235-A6D6-ABD135822E8B

    THEN IT SAYS HOST NOT FOUND but i dont think its not the problem...doesnt matter wut ip i put in there no matter if it has it enabled or not it wont take time to even look.

    This Error comes up when i try using the Nbtstat -A command in MsDos. Im on a windows xp home Operating system can anyone help me.

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    Sounds like your system isn't connecting correctly. Try running:

    ipconfig /all

    and check all the settings. If you IP is the MS default (256.something), you may have lost network connectivity or access to a DC or loging server.

    If the above command doesn't complete, just hangs at the

    Windows IP Configuration

    line, then you may have a dead NIC.

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    RTFM. Or in this case, RTFH, Read the F***ing Help.

    Type nbtstat /? and think about what you are doing.
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