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Thread: YAHOO Chat - Is it Safe?

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    YAHOO Chat - Is it Safe?

    Can others see your IP address in Yahoo chat?

    I've been booted by others many times. Do you know what software they used?

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    Yes. You can see IP's and everything you say can be watched by a sniffer unless you use some combination of a proxy/encrypted client (like GAIM/trillian).

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    there are a number of booter programs.. and searching google with the appropriate phrases would give you a few..

    here is some yahoo FAQ's (from a forum) that google showed up.


    Having Problems with Booters?
    A few things you can do if you find yourself falling victim to Yahoo Booters.

    1. Make sure you are not in a "Fight Room". These rooms are made for the purposes of malicious intent. If you don't like being a victim of booting - leave and stay away from this type of room.

    2. Using Java Chat instead of Chat 2.0 from the Yahoo Chat website will help defeat booters.

    3. Download and run anti-booting software such as Y!Tunnel - This easy-to-use program provides the highest level of protection available against abusive and malicious chatroom activity.
    Freddy says: Y!Tunnel is a proxy server ran locally filtering packets, it can only filter what it knows will crash messenger, a subscription costs does exist. Clients work differently, some more boot resistant, and free(except cheetachat). Firewalls wont protect from bootcodes, but will help the stop of p2p activity.

    4. Report the offending user to abuse@yahoo.com

    5. Do not ask us for links to obtain booting software.

    6. If you do stumble across a site offering booting software - Read this PostRead this Post

    7. If your messenger continues to crash every time you attempt to log on, the boot code is likely still in your offline messages. To fix this have a look at Carbonize's Stop Booting page.
    also within this post (at the first link i gave) you'll see links to these..

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    2. Using Java Chat instead of Chat 2.0 from the Yahoo Chat website will help defeat booters.
    My brother loves going in those "Fight Rooms" in yahoo, and ever since he started using the Java Chat he hasn't been kicked yet. He used to get booted like once and hour, and now, never. So that Java does do the trick, at least so far.

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