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Thread: Anti-swap CD hits the racks

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    Anti-swap CD hits the racks

    In his new album, Coming From Where I'm From, Anthony Hamilton reflects on his roots and the directions in which they have led him. His CD, meanwhile, offers a glimpse of the direction the music industry is taking to prevent rampant piracy.
    Story Here

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    Let the buyer beware.
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    Another link allows you to send e-mail to friends so they can download a copy of the song playable for 10 days. "You're sharing music, but you are not giving it away forever," Whitmore says.
    Can't this be bypassed? I mean that would be a problem for the everyday computer user but wouldn't that be easy to overcome by the above average user?

    I am just wondering where they are trying to go with this. I guess make it more difficult to share but with the advancement in technology these days that's kind of hard to do IMO.

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    Given enough time someone will find a way around it. there are always people looking for the next challenge to come around and here it is.

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    In CD players, the disc plays normally. When put into a Macintosh (news - web sites) or Windows PC, the disc installs software to keep the music secure, and an interactive menu pops up with several links, including one to copy some or all of the Windows Media tracks to your hard drive.
    the disc installs software:If anything is installed on my computer, and doesn't have my permission, then I feel it is perfectly legal for me to modify, or remove it.
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    heh if music can be played it can be copied - whats to stop someone from linking the output (like headphone socket) to the input (mic socket) on another recording device such as PC, Minidisc etc and recording the music as its played?? thus all their fancy security measures would be useless


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