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    Kazaa's Writers Launch Web Phone Service

    The software developers who wrote file-swapping legend Kazaa are taking the concept of peer-to-peer sharing to telecommunications, launching an Internet phone service they claim could put traditional phone companies out of business.
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    yeah i had heard/read about the current Skype's service.. but this would be cool if it remained free. as long as I don't get charged (arrested) until after 1000 downloads.. oops.. i mean minutes online.

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    The basic program is available at no charge, but Zennstrom said a beefed-up version will be sold for an unspecified fee.
    I wonder if selling the program and not applying fees to the usage of the program prevent them from getting flack from other phone companies.

    If that software grows the way the intend it to, I see that as a fret to the existing phone companies and we all know what will happen then. They will start to complain. Another RIAA issue. My God does kaaza writers ever learn?

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