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Thread: Opera releases 7.20 browser for Windows

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    Opera releases 7.20 browser for Windows

    Opera Software has released the final version of Opera 7.20 for Windows, which it claims as a "substantial upgrade" proving "our determination to break new ground with every major release." That said, the improvements look a tad incremental from where we're sitting, with the major impact for most users being the speed increase from fine-tuning. Opera doesn't quantify this, but users in Opera's discussion groups seem to be finding it noticeable.

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    I'm always a bit slow to upgrade my browsers.. my opera and mozilla are ancient.
    I finally decided to bite the bullet on upgrading to IE6 a week ago as I was developingproblems with my trusted 5.5.. but no more support for 5.5.. you can still grab 5.5 at a few places but I figured after a year or so M$ would finally get most of the kinks out.

    oops.. this is about opera.. and it's download isn't 1/4 the time for a 56k'er.. so I thank you for bringing this to my attention..

    /sdg.. makes mental note to grab this and the latest mozilla..


    /sdg WRITES a post-it note and hangs it on the monitor

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