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    Record setters!

    I dont know if this has been posted before, but how about setting up a section dedicated to AntiOnline "records"? For example...

    -Most Positive AntiPoints from one thread
    -Most Negative Antipoints from one thread
    -Quickest user to get banned ( )
    -Oldest user
    -Thread most viewed
    -Longest Thread

    Anyone else have any ideas? Sounds like it would be fun...

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    Yeah i think there some great ideas.

    Especially that longest thread.
    There's a few here already, but i would really like to see a thread with something like 100+ pages, or something.

    And then all the people wanting to sign up have to read everysingle post, that way we filter out those that just wanna learn how to.

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    Anyhow that's just an idea,

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    Oh.. you mean like this one (at 111 pages when it was finally closed):
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    Man was that a funny thread! Thx for that MsMittens, I had forgotten all about it...

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    ok i will check it out.

    And hello to

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