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Thread: Password Managers

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    Question Password Managers

    Hi all ,

    I was looking for some good password manager.

    Any one who can help ?

    I need a software that i can use to keep track of my usernames and passwirds.

    Thanx in advance.


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    hope you are well firewalled if you are going to use one of those...I've found my best and most secure password manager is www.mybrain.net works well with every password that I can rember.
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    If your looking for something that can trick trojans and keyloggers, try
    Password shield

    Its free

    If your looking for some other kind (not sure... never used a password manager before)
    try go to Counterpane and look for password safe.. it should be free. There might be some other software from counterpane you might want to try.

    If none of them satisfy you, go search for password managers under the free license at download.com

    I dont think you can find the donwload for password safe at the counterpane website.. Forgot to look at it before posting
    Oh and the new vers. of Password shield is no longer free.. Go to download.com and d/l the old vers.. It should work just as fine (The old vers is just as good as the newer one.. as long as it does it's job right?)

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    About a year ago, some one here on AO suggested Password Safe in a thread, and I have used it ever since. It works great for me.
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    Thumbs up Password Safe by Schneier is "the bomb"

    Let me 2nd moxnix's comment and say that Password Safe by Schneier is AWESOME! I've been using it for a few months now and it is great! Very handy!


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    I use Cloak so that I can have encrypted passwords on my laptop and synchronized on my palm device. Very basic but handy.
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