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    Unhappy ? about links

    hope this is a good place for this
    Iím wondering about a problem I have trying to get to the top links list. I have a setting on one of my internet security programs (trying like hell to figure out witch one is stopping my access) that blocks a certain type of malicious redirect from happening by closing the window that it starts on (this can be very annoying). My problem is when I click the links list it closes the browser just like it would for a malicious cookie/redirect.
    Any ideas why that link is the only one that does this on the whole AO site.
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    First thing: You didnt say what browser do u use!

    From what I understood is a sort of pop-up blocker, so you might have one installed like panicware popup stopper www.panicware.com. Or the browser you use has one (for example newer versions of Netscape - look in you browser settings for such a thing.

    A quick try for you: hold CTRL or SHIFT (try them both ) while clicking the link and wait some till the window pops up. I think for Netscape it works like this.

    Another thing that may be: you maybe installed the new google toolbar that has a pop-up blocker.

    Try this and give some more input on what happened.

    Godd luck!

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    *Moved from Oops! A bug! since this is not an AO-bug*

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