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Thread: Xp account setup

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    Xp account setup


    I havent used Xp or 9x for a long long time now, and I was never into creating accounts and the like when I did,

    Basically Ive just installed Xp for my family, and set up accounts for them. In my account I have admin privaliges, and was woundering how would i go about makeing what i have in my desktop and setup the same in all accounts?

    Is there a quick way to mirror an account to the next?

    I have xp professional, with 4 accounts 1 of them admin



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    I think you need to create a "workgroup" and make them all members of that. You then setup the desktop, access etc fot the workgroup, rater than the individual accounts.


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    Also, if you're just concerned about what all accounts are seeing on their desktop and in their 'start' menu, just open up an explorer window and go to your c:\Documents and Settings\All Users folder (assuming you've installed to drive C). Anything you place in the Desktop, Favorites, and Start Menu subdirectories will be available across all accounts.

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