New Certification: Security Certified Program?
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Thread: New Certification: Security Certified Program?

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    New Certification: Security Certified Program?

    Anyone heard about this or their "certifications"? Their website is here

    The Security Certified Program (SCP) offers two challenging security certification programs:
    Security Certified Network Professional (SCNP) and Security Certified Network Architect (SCNA).
    Comments?? Any good? Is it recognized? (I ask because I don't recall ever seeing it until recently)
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    Here's a thread on the that debates it all......

    Here's a thread on the that debates it all......
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    I heard alot of great reviews about it......Supposed to be more practical/hands on approach than the CISSP...Although Im currently getting ready for the CISSP myself, it is supposed to be the "next so called" security certification to have....

    It is new however and in my opinion the CISSP is still one of the high-end security certifications to have....I equate the CISSP to network Security as the CCIE is to routing/Switching...

    Just my opinion...for those who may feel differently


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