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Thread: Verisigns sitefinder BS!

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    Verisigns sitefinder BS!

    Im sure everyones aware of the redirect verisign does now when you enter invalid .coms and .nets.

    Is there anyway on the user end to not goto sitefinder if the url is mistyped? Id rather goto google or anywhere other than being pushed somewhere not of my choice.

    Down with verisign!!!
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    If you have your own DNS servers you could probably create alternate wildcard entries that would trump the ones created by Verisign.

    Alternately, you could create a host file directing the Verisign redirect URL to which would at least block your computer from going to their site. Maybe you could create a host file which directs their URL to the IP address of Google or something?

    Anyone else care to comment on the technical feasibility of my suggestions? I am just spouting stuff off the top of my head and haven't had my coffee yet so maybe I'm wrong.

    Of course, the easiest way to avoid the Verisign ploy is to not mis-type your URL or try to visit domains that don't exist.

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    On Monday, VeriSign, the sole .com and .net domain name regulator, released a paper on its already-enacted decision to redirect all unused .com and .net domain names to its own website. The paper expresses how the change "improves the user web browsing experience" by directing users to a page that tells them that the Web address they entered is not registered and gives them a chance to search the Web.

    The new redirection has already raised some concerns from spam blockers, network administrators, and other critics, some of whom have already figured out ways to block the redirection

    source : http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/20...0918021833.htm
    maybe worth a look
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    there's a bunch of threads here about this.. and every where else too..

    as tony said.. you can make an entry in your host file.. sitefinder.verisign.com

    this will redirect you to google

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