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Thread: Create shortcut icon?

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    Create shortcut icon?

    This I believe is a simple question. Windows based perhaps. Perhaps the methods are universal to all browsers, and or all Oses?

    When using IE you may right click in the foreground of a page; and select create shortcut.
    How may I couple with it, an icon. Here at AO there isn't one.
    Do I just put a shortcut.ico file in the root dir?
    I remember reading this somewhere before. But can't seem to remember.

    For clarification purposes.
    if you go HERE and creat a shortcut on the desktop. It has a DW *.ico with the shortcut automatically.

    Thanks in advance for anyhelp.

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    I am not completly sure this will do it but it will atleast set an special icon when you add a page to your favorites/bookmarks.
    <link REL="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">
    Repoint the href to the appropriate file.
    The tag needs to be within the <head></head> tags

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    if you place the favicon.ico in the same folder as the page most modern browsers will display it automatically without having to add the link like no0Dle said

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