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    i updated XP the other day and i had an alert on my firewall (ZA), i blocked it by mistake but checked out the extra info ZA was willing to give me. it mentioned something about windows installed does this somtimes bla bla.

    a few secs later i got a login pop up on my screen askingfor a user and pass to connect to marlin.softtech.net or marlin.softech.net

    i presume it was soemthing to do with me blocking the access, but what is marlin.softech.net ?

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    If you dont know what it is dont sign into it. Get Ad-Aware from http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ and scan your computer. I doubt zone alarm has any relevence to it.
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    also get spybot too http://security.kolla.de/
    make sure your doing the xp updates from they website and not by email since lots of people have been getting infected with that virus which goes around in an email saying its an microsoft patch
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    ty for tips.
    i run spybot search and destroy every couple of days

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