Lindows for free! Duh?
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Thread: Lindows for free! Duh?

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    Lindows for free! Duh?

    Seagate has decided to lend an open source hand to Whitebox PC makers by distributing the LindowsOS on one of its hard drives at no cost.

    U.S. computer makers of all shapes and sizes can purchases the 40GB Barracuda 7200.7 hard drives pre-loaded with LindowsHD. Seagate will sell the hard drives with our without the Linux OS at the same cost and estimates that Whitebox manufacturers can save about $100 per computer by picking the pre-loaded option. At a minimum, the program will run through December
    pretty cool heh?
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Very cool!

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    At least it'll give people good practice formatting their hard drives!

    I think Lindows is doing it so more people will get it and then have to pay to download the apps they want. They have that click and run pay system going.

    Since it is debian based ... people that are smart enough can just do "apt-get" to install new apps...

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    Sounds about right! Still a pretty cool marketing ploy tho!
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80
    Since it is debian based ... people that are smart enough can just do "apt-get" to install new apps...
    apt-get works in Lindows, CNR is an optional piece of software and is not needed to use Lindows. Also, if someone is so dependant on CNR they can buy a lifetime membership from

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