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Thread: Cannot login with old name

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    Cannot login with old name

    I seem to be having trouble logging in here under my old name. I have not visited this site in over six months as I hove not owned a computer in that time. I am now unable to log in under my name of Striek using the correct password with cookies enabled, with Netscape, IE6 and Mozilla. I apologize for posting this in a public forum, however my emails in this matter have gone unanswered to date. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    The Happy Hunter.
    a.k.a. Striek

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    After doing some searching I found out that your account has been banned that is why you can't login with that member name.

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    Perhaps someone could explain why or correct the problem... I haven't been here since January and I wasn't banned then... I am confused now...

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    Happy Hunter, send a note to intmon. AntiOnline, as you may or may not be aware, was bought by JupiterMeda earlier this year. It looks like an admin would have banned your account since you have 3 green dots and the account should be active. It would be best to speak to them as it may have been done prior to them acquiring AO.
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