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Thread: Toolbar on my IE

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    Toolbar on my IE

    Hello Everyone...
    I have a problem here.I am sick of a google-like toolbar under my address bar. It is from sufx.com. I dont know how to remove it. Can anyone provide some tips over it. This toolbar also maake window popups. Thats really frustrating.
    Thank you
    Please provide some tricks over it.

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    try ad aware

    chown -r us ./bases

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    Can you uninstall it from you add/remove programs maybe???
    Or as you downloaded it and installed it, was there an Un-installe option that came with it?
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    I went to their web site and googled for information, but didn't come up with anything useful. Take the name of the actual search bar (not the sufx.com, where it came from) and go to this site: http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup...all.php#Search and search there for it. They will also give you instructions for its removal. It probably came package with a screen saver or something you downloaded, and that particular program might not work if you remove it. Check your liceince agreement on that product to find out. Spybot S&D, or Ad-Aware might remove it for you. They certainly will remove the spyware and/or malware that is loaded because of it, and that alone will decrease your frequency of popups.
    Spybot S&D a free program
    Ad-Aware a free program (Ad-Aware)
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    Have you tried View>Toolbars? You may be able to just uncheck it......
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    We've had trouble with some of the toolbars that get passed around. I don't know if they are related to the specific one you are having trouble with. However, I find that they install and when you go into Add/Remove Programs, they look like a Windows update!

    The one I remove most often is Windows {something} HotBar. It sits right down with the Windows updates and looks just like one. Remove it and it will go away. It does take you to a site that asks for feedback. I just type "YOU SUCK!!!" and close out.

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    Spybot can find these, but can't always remove them.

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    Yeah, like the guys said, I'd go with Ad Aware or another spyware removal application, and I'd also go to the View menu, Toolbars, and uncheck Google. It also wouldn't hurt using regedit to track down any keys that may have remained...of course, you gotta be careful not to remove the wrong thing

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    hey friendz...thank you all..Adaware did the job.Thank you

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