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Thread: Killing Google autofill feature

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    Killing Google autofill feature

    This started out as a small annoyance with the Google toolbar. It has an autocomplete feature similar to Internet Explorer. I was rather disappointed to discover that turning off the autofill feature in IE did NOT kill it in the Google toolbar. For security reasons, I realy didn't want that info stored there for all to see....

    I opened the registry and started for fishin around for strings referring Google. About the sixth or seventh instance of it, there was a key setting for history. {HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\google\navclient\1.1\history}.

    Since I'm pretty much ignorant in the ways of the workings of the registry, I wondered if there was a way to make the key "read-only". I right clicked on the key, then selected permissions. This pops up a box showing groups and user names. Below that, I found options called "full control", and "read". I selected deny for both boxes, and for all users.

    Then I selected advanced. For every user, I checked all the boxes in the deny column.

    That's it...Google no longer keeps a record of the searches (once IE is closed). Nothing fantastic, but hey, I'm just a Noob.

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    Thanks, some information good to know.
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    You could also go Google > Options and use that dialog to remove the autofill button from the toolbar, and delete the sensative information from the Autofill options. Good tip anyways, thanks.

    Edit; misread it, do you mean the 'Searhc history' drop down box feature?

    This can be disabled in pretty much the same way; Google > 'Clear search history' to clear it, Google > Options > More > Searhc options > untick 'save search history across browser sessions'

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