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Thread: how did you get in here

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    Are you the only person that has physical access to the machine I think it might be someone playing a prank or has a grudge against you and they are doing it to see how long it takes before you get really Po'ed

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    Just a few little things to check.
    1. Go to start then run enter CMD
    2. At the CMD shell enter netstat -a let it run may take a moment then you will get a list of what services and ports are active and listening. Headings are Proto (Protocol) Local Address (then listings of default ports listening) Foreign Address see an IP listed then it may be the port your open on.

    3. Firewalls are great but setting them up even simple ones one must pay attention as to what you allow to talk to the web. Go back to square one on the firewall block all apps wanting to connect do a net stat -a oh doing this will mean you will listen on ports 137, 138, 1185 and also have a nbsession, nbname, nbdatagram. If nothing else shows start with maybe two apps allowed to access like email and your browser do another netstat -a. Netstat -a tells you many things if at the CMD shell you want to know other toggles just enter netstat and you can voew what the options are. Guess the point is you have sonething going on that is not going to be cured by a point and click choice. Needless to say many more know more then you out here and all to often thanks to M$ they are sold on a safe happy computing cruse on the "information highway" (old M$ Billy saying never caught on) You plug in on the web and play now days you need not do a thing and you can become infected. Kinda complex huh yep play with the netstat thing learn it do a google search on it's function then look for ways to manually close ports and manually remove the trojan you have oh they like high port number goole search any open ports like say port 1123.

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    Yours OS must have some holes which you didnt find.
    Please check it carefully.
    May you fig out it.

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    the only file that they can share out of is the my downloads file....that is cleaned out at least twice a week if not more depending on how much downloading i am doing. i have attempted to download the windows upgrade and mccaffee upgrade and they said that there were none available at this time.

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    I was watching this documentry on hackers once.. It says if you are threatened by a hacker, the best thing to do is to disconnect your internet connection and secure your computer and connect it again.

    Disconnect your internet line
    Go get a friend to burn some security softwares on a cd
    Install all the softwares
    Reconnect your internet and update the software

    And try getting a hardware firewall. Im sure theres a thread or two that discusesses about them.

    Hope this helps.

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    personially i would scan pc for trogens,virul, spy wear, eg bonza buddy,gater,ect
    (you will be amazed at what will be there we were when we did it to our machine!!!)

    then i would instal 2/3 fire walls, change ALL currant passwords ever used on pc including this one and email. have your fire wall running on verry sensative.
    (means higher protection)
    also if your using a modem make shoure it is turned off when not in use. just to be shoure.

    Keep a close eye on all ips shown on logs and record reacuring ip's (i keep a log of all IPS that show up in the firewall and intrusion sections. along with ther locations ect...)

    finially if you know there IP report it to the authorityes for miss conduct / illegal usage.


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    May not be relevant......but I just cleaned out a computer (running IMESH) and it had a key logger installed. (plus over 20 ad programs, etc)

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    about the person emailing others using your email address, dont you think they are just spoofing it? or sending email with the address showing as yours? just a thought.
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    i am NOT a hacker :

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    Well, as my momma always says, if all else fails Reinstall, Reinstall, Reinstall. This means that if EVERYTHING HERE FAILS then you can always go to the final step. Format your HD, (I think its a low level format that gets rid of everything, but I could be wrong.) Then reinstall all your progs and your OS. It sounds like a lot of work, and it is a lot of work. Make sure you have at least a day free to do this. Oohh, and get a techie friend to help you out. Hope this helps!
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    Reformat your hard drive and re-install your operating system...............put a lock on your have no friends other than not let them use it!..............I get so pi$$ed off with have the nice "red car" not lend it, or face the consequences?

    Good luck

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