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    Another Kid Bust

    Well kids play like I did when I was young thing is today kidz need to be aware that all out here is fun and games. Guess the only point here at http://customwire.ap.org/dynamic/sto...MPLATE=DEFAULT is chances of being caught are going up to much exploring and testing cause to many problems. If these computers were about when I was young I could have been either kid in this case. Guess the real damage caused to mon and dads employers networks that pay for all the fun have had enough of the games? Just info people make of it what you wish.
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    Thanks for the link, good read. I'm not going to touch on the politics of this one. thanks again
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    OK.....I did once write a proggy to play the first few chords of Beethoven's fifth symphony on the vacuum drives ...............but I was young then

    Have a good week-end

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