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Thread: Port scan bz EUIBMNIC

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    Port scan bz EUIBMNIC

    Today I am detecting a lot of port scanning activities.
    Did anyone notice the newest port scanning from IP
    OrgName: IBM Netherlands N.V. (euibmnic@nl.ibm.com).

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    There are a lot of IP's out there. Sure you don't have some enimies out there? =)
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    LeetProdigy is right. Usually every one thats connected to the internet gets a los of scans and get probe by people that are Scanning networks for vulnerabilitys, and some virus also prodice this effect like blaster that searches for computers to infect.

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    It could be some n00B doomaaas who got a hold of nmap and didn't quite figure out how to use it before s/he started scanning whole networks.... Then again, it could be someone who just doesn't know how to gather target data quietly which is also very likely...

    Point is you'll get an ulsar if you freak everytime someone port scans you, it happes to my company dozens of times per day. Do yourself a favor and learn how to tell a port scan (which every 1337 h4x0R k1dd3 thinks is hacking) and a real attack apart. Your stomach lining will thank you for it.
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