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Thread: How do I stop the madness

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    How do I stop the madness

    I get at least 10 to 15 emails everyday which are infected with the SWEN worm. Luckily my virus protection program picks them up. I have tried to block the senders in OE, but this does not help with the new ones. They all look like they are coming from the same address, but obviously not. Is there a way to stop this or do I have to just let the mass mailings die down. It's been happening since Sept 19.
    Thanks for any suggestions

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    Set Up A Filter. Make the filter block the subject and key words in the message. Also Try Blacking attachments if possible. That Should help.
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    The way the SWEN virus works means that you are getting these viruses from people you know, after all - you are in their address book..... The fact that the sender's address is unfamiliar is irrelevant..... The virus is coming from a machine owned by someone who knows you......

    So.... You have two choices:-

    1. Educate your friends
    2. Change your friends

    If 1 doesn't work, 2 will probably do it......
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    That's a good theory Tiger.

    Might have to start applying that. I recently downloaded a file from a friend.
    And once i had unzipped it, i sat back dumfounded realising that my hard disk was being erased in from of my eyes.

    sorry people i just had to say that.

    Back to the Topic At hand.

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    I wish I could help you find a way to stop the madness. However, the current madness is actually just the normal state. Tomorrow there will be a new madness. And, a new one the day after that ...

    Didn't you know? The inmates are running the asylum!

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    "OE" must be Outlook Express, with its patent VTP technology?

    VTP = "Virus Transfer Protocol"

    Sorry, could not resist that one

    There is a product called MailControl...............it only works with SMTP, but asks you if you really want to send an e-mail........handy to block MM type worms?

    Good Luck

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    "The inmates are running the asylum" (good quote)

    My question is this............There are 100 million computer users. And only 1 million ISP's.

    Why don't the ISP's add AV to their SMTP servers ? (yeah yeah yeah......some do for a fee)

    You're on your own gals & guys....

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    Stop the Maddness? NEVA!!!!

    You can never stop me!.. MUAHAHAHahahahahahahahahaha

    *xmaddness runs around in circles and then dissapears in a puff of smoke

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    Has anyone gotten or heard of an email form MailScanner <viruscmet@cmet.net>

    I just received an email from this person which read:

    A message you recently received from "<imesagrafica@cmet.net>" with the
    subject "Current Microsoft Critical Pack"
    contained one or more viruses that could be disinfected.

    The viruses have been removed, and the disinfected files are attached
    to this message.
    Email Virus Scanner
    It also had an enclosed attachment which my virus protection software did not read as a virus.
    NO, I did not open it..... just wondering

    Another stupid question: Can a virus infect ones computer if you just open an email, without opening the enclosed attachment?

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    Spools is correct. In fact, since I cannot seem to educate my friends as Tiger has suggested, I resorted to creating mail filters in OE.

    Here is what you do:

    1) Hit any of the major antivirus sites and get the complete list of subjects the worm uses.
    2) In OE, go to Tools>Message Rules>Mail
    3) Click "New"
    4) Name your rule
    5) Check off, "Where subject line contains specific words
    6) Add all of the subjects in
    7) Check Delete as the action
    8) Save your rule and exit
    9) Relax knowing that all instances of the worm e-mail are now being placed in the trash.

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