Hi Arken,

Just look at the top of the AO page under "Security News".......second item. It might be this one or a variant? There have been several scams of this nature MICROSOFT DO NOT SEND UPDATES.....................delete anything that claims to be such.

I would delete it and make sure that your AV is up to date. I wouldn't trust the disinfection claim, and can assure you that the files are worthless carriers for the virus.

YES you can get a virus from just opening an e-mail. That is why you should have "message preview" disabled in your mail client. If the e-mail is an executable or contains a self executing one, it will run, and you are infected.

Do a Google search for ScripTrap, and go here

http://www.softlookup.com/preview/dis10514.html and Get "MoOutlookSecurity" Not sure if it works on XP? but it does with all other WIN flavours. They both attempt to stop scripts running from where they shouldn't........like your e-mail.

Hope this helps