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Thread: DVD ROM Issues

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    DVD ROM Issues

    So i was at work, and a friend of mine tells me he will sell me this 16xDVD56xCD ROM for 15 bucks. Seeing as how I have built my computer on a budget, i have yet to aquire this. And 15 bucks... damn cant pass that up. So i bought it, put it in, my board picked it up(ASUS A7n8X Delux) and I put in Lord of The Rings Two Towers, and explored the drive. I found this player, pushed play, and got the message about the Screen Resolution. Ya Right, I need a DVD Decoder, and it seems www.google.com is only telling me I have to PAY for a decoder. Thats like f*&king Bull Shyt! Can Some one throw me a bone, or at least point me to the nearest plasma bank to get some cash.
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    Don't flame me for this one.

    *cough* Kazaa*cough*

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    www.gamecopyworld.com ,for all your DVD and CD needs!!

    Quite a few [origianal]DVD's have a decoder on them that you can install from the disc, usually WinDVD.


    Look under the DVD Playback Software field!
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    I would have a word with your friend. Somewhere he probably has the CD that came with the kit, he has just mislaid it. Something like PowerDVD or WinDVD. It may even be on the same CD as the CD drivers..............please browse it to make sure.

    It is really no good to anyone else, as it will be linked to the exact kit that you have bought.

    Nero is a real pain for that.........you have to use exactly the right disk

    Otherwise pull the serial number from the drive and contact the manufacturer, they should let you have a replacement for a nominal charge. They might just e-mail you the addy of a secure site where you can download it.

    You may get third party software that works fine, but I am usually happier with that which was intended for the product that I have.

    Good luck

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