After two amazing weeks of vacation, which included an absense from AO, I have read as many posts as I could, mainly the ones of banned members so I could feel the ever changing pulse of our site.

It is obvious to me that the number of "new", **** stirring ppl. has remained as it has since I joined AO. There will always be angry disturbed people posting here.

Remember the days when the "Internet" meant you were on a terminal at a University, at best exchanging insults with a fellow "Geek" 50 miles away and feeling bold?

Those days are over, for better or for worse. As it stands anyone with a connection can do and say whatever their black hearts desire.

IE: The Alias attacks of Ms. Mittens, by the Uber Bad spelling of Reset_Button.

The problem here is the response to these posts. It is what they want.............A reaction is what they want. They enjoy being Flamed, as it gives them a sense of importance.

It is pathetic! And the threats made by Reset, whether imminent or not should be a signal that "members" such as him/her should just be ignored.

When I was 10 years old my parents took me to Yellowstone National Park. I recall to this day the signs that warned about feeding bears, as you could be mauled. 10 years later I saw a video of a bear mauling on Television.

The fact remains I did not need an experience with a grizzly to heed the warning.


They will always come back for more.

Good to be back. Keep the faith.