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Thread: Ethernet card not blinking ?

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    Question Ethernet card not blinking ?

    As of yesterday , i had purchased a 4-port hub and a NIC for my other box.. First i powered on the box and the card was blinking like it should be.. Then the next time i powered the system on the light on the card wasn't blinking at all , but yet the hub port in which it is connected to is blinking. Why is this ? could there be something wrong with the expansion slot that I am using ? I searched google and used some trouble shooting guides but maybe one of my fellow AOers can give some thought on this.. Oh and no i didn't install the drivers yet for the card so me not being able to connect is something i know about right now , i just need to make sure the card is blinking like it should before i proceed..
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    http://shop.store.yahoo.com/directron/net1.html <--- this should help. Basically, you need to connect it and install drivers.
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