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    memory failure??

    Hey guys,

    Sometimes when I play video games my computer would shut down, restart, or the game would freeze. Here's a screenshot of the error during a game of warcraft 3. I have an Asus P4S33 motherboard, GeForce2 video card, 712 DDRAM, P4 1.6 , and a 40 gig hard drive. I also get this error when I'm playing Tactical Ops (similar to Counter Strike).

    Can any you guys please help me out with this problem?

    Here is a picture of the error...

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    Sorry didnt look at the errors but some things I would check

    1 Are all the fans running? Could be the CPU overheating

    2. yes it could verywell be you have faulty memory..?

    3. disable all 3rd party software like AV, TSRs etc does it still happen?

    4 could be your video card...update your drivers.

    BTW what OS are you running??


    oh yeah...forgot

    Any new hardware software lately????

    Did it ever work or did it just start happening?


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    As gypsygeek said, check your OS updates. Based on the error window you show, you are running Windows of some kind.

    Check that you have the most current version of the video card driver installed:

    1. Right-click My Computer, select Manage, select Device Manager, find your video card under Display adapters.
    2. Right-click video card and select Update Driver ...

    From here you can select a local file, or have the system look on the web for the updates.

    If that doesn't resolve the issue, a memor check may help. One way to check system memory is to remove a stick of RAM (DDR in this case), reboot and try the same operation. If the problem occurs, the error may be in the stick left in the machine. Swap the sticks, reboot and try the operation again. If the problem remains, then it is likely not in RAM. If the problem goes away, it is possible you have identified the offending stick.

    If you do not have enough sticks to handle this, you can try to borrow some from a friend's machine that is running fine. Make sure it is the same kind, type and whatnot.

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    Re: memory failure??

    Originally posted here by jbomber
    I have an Asus P4S33 motherboard, GeForce2 video card, 712 DDRAM,
    Is this 512 MB of RAM? 712 is quite a weird number. I only ask because I have had problems with RAM of different sizes.
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    I tried a quick search, and found that every person encountering this error was running Wc3 at the time. Take a look at http://www.opentechsupport.net/forum...c/12456-1.html to see. Blizzard claims they have a patch at http://www.blizzard.com/support/?id=awr0649p.. I've never played Wc3 so I don't know if it works though. It's definitely a bug with Wc3 and/or possible compatibility problems with other software, but not a memory or OS problem.
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    Re: Re: memory failure??

    Originally posted here by CXGJarrod

    Is this 512 MB of RAM? 712 is quite a weird number. I only ask because I have had problems with RAM of different sizes.
    Sorry bout that...i have 768 DDR. I have all the latest updates so far and I'm running XP Pro. I did try taking out the memory sticks, but when i ran the program again... it once just restarted by itself.

    Thanks striek for the sites. I'll probably go browse those sites and get more information. Thanks guys for the helpful info. Feel free to throw me more suggestions...I'll gladly give it a try.


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    does this problem happens all the time or just sometimes?
    I had similar problems when I wake my box from hibernation.

    Ah, yes. Age of Empires was making similar error on my w2k box until I download pach for it.

    take these steps when you have problems with games:
    [list=1][*]Consult support of the game makers[*]check for latest OS and driver updates[*]if it happens with other programs and games, it myght be hardware.[/list=1]

    good luck
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