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    CHOICE, Where did it go?

    i was recently writing a batch file on a Win2k box, trying to get the errorlevel command that goes with the choice command to work. i asked my programming teacher at my school, he didnt know, then i searched on google for the problum, i found out that CHOICE was takin out on Win2k, NT and so on, why? then i found out how to get it back.....its in a update. why did they take it out in the first place. and without the update to add the command back in, how are u supposed to use choices in a batch file?

    Also....im going to buy a version of Linux and i wana know what u guys think about Slackware or SuSE, which one do u think is better for home/programming/first time Linux user type of use? and other pros and cons about them?

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    This Should Help.........
    title NETBIOS MENU
    echo A.) NET SEND
    echo B.) NET USE
    echo C.) NET USER
    echo D.) NET VIEW
    echo I.) NET TIME
    echo K.) NET Print
    echo L.) NET Share
    echo R.) NET Shared Folders
    echo M.) NET Accounts
    echo N.) NET Config
    echo O.) NET Session
    echo E.) NBTSTAT -a
    echo F.) NBTSTAT -c
    echo G.) NBTSTAT -A
    echo Q.) IP Config
    echo S.) IP Holder
    echo H.) Quit
    set choice=
    set /p choice=Selection:
    if not '%Choice%'=='' set choice=%Choice:~0,4%
    if /I '%Choice%'=='A' GOTO ItemA
    if /I '%Choice%'=='B' GOTO ItemB
    if /I '%Choice%'=='C' GOTO ItemC
    if /I '%Choice%'=='D' GOTO ItemD
    if /I '%Choice%'=='E' GOTO ItemE
    if /I '%Choice%'=='F' GOTO ItemF
    if /I '%Choice%'=='G' GOTO ItemG
    if /I '%Choice%'=='H' GOTO ItemH
    if /I '%Choice%'=='I' GOTO ItemI
    if /I '%Choice%'=='J' GOTO ItemJ
    if /I '%Choice%'=='K' GOTO ItemK
    if /I '%Choice%'=='L' GOTO ItemL
    if /I '%Choice%'=='M' GOTO ItemM
    if /I '%Choice%'=='N' GOTO ItemN
    if /I '%Choice%'=='O' GOTO Item0
    if /I '%Choice%'=='Q' GOTO ItemQ
    if /I '%Choice%'=='R' GOTO ItemR
    if /I '%Choice%'=='S' GOTO ItemS
    ECHO "%Choice%" is not valid. Please try again.
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    People have very mixed opinions about what linux distribution, for example Redhat linux imho is good for the first time user. But seen as that's not one of your options , some people would say that slackware is one of the hardest to setup / use e.t.c.. I used it as my first distribution and I found it easy to pickup, just add tweaking!

    In general the difference in distributions is the way they are initially configured and what applications there are. I.e. Slackware will boot staright into the CLI the first time it boots unless you change it, others will bring up a GUI.

    If you had the resources (money / space / bandwidth) maybe you could try out a few different distributions till you find one you like.

    If your a first time user maybe you should try the boot off cd knoppix and play with it before you try a hd installable distribution.

    Starts arguement over best distribution "Slackware" .........

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    Well people opinions of what the best linux distro is, it is about as wide as which, football team is best.

    *Cough* Buffalo

    Now as for the Distro that you should use, starting out you should probably use SUSE. It is pretty good. and I am pretty sure that SUSE has a boot off of disk ability so you can play for a while then decide.

    I was going to srite you a quick Tutorial on this, then I decided to just say what the hell and give you a link. Now if you have any more questions about Batching. Let me know.

    Oh don't let anyone bust your balls about Batch Programming. It is useful.


    That should help you out. That is also a good site for anything DoS related.

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    thanks spools.exe for that code, and thanks whizkid2300, both of those posts really helped. and about linux, i bought slackware online for about $2.00 then when i tryed to install it i had no idea what i was doing. so i went to a book store and bought a "dummy" book about slackware, it told me how to install it and even encluded slackware! but i got about half was through and said "this is a pain jsut to install this, i wonder what is going to be like using it" so i stoped, but im thinking if trying again on a old computer, some day when i have nothing to do.

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    Dude that is computers in general, they take time.

    Though I will say this, you should maybe start out with an easier distro then slackware.
    If you are looking for a quick fix go with Redhat.

    It takes about an hour to install usually not even that long.

    And in a manner of speaking is Idiot proof. Just let RH do everything for you. It is a nice distro. You could pick up Linux for Dummies which comes with a copy of RH8 which is pretty good.

    That is about it. Though trust me install Linux you will never regret it. I still remember the day I installed it for the first time. Remember that your Pc can always be better. That is what *NIX is for alot of people will say there is no major differnece between the 2.

    Bull. I love my Linux I actually got to reinstall another one. If you need any help installing let me know. So you know Xine895 there is a Linux Guru on here for every Distro just about you just got to ask someone.

    Off the top of my head, I can't think of who the Slack is.

    Though it I don't remember it being that hard.

    Well this is long enough. Hope I helped in someway.

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    yea whizkid2300, can u find out who that person for slackware is, i think i going to try to install it tommorw after i get home from school. i read some of the things is has to offer in the "dummys" book and i really need someting new, something different from windows.

    and isnt Slackware the "Programmers" type of linux?

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    Slackware is the DIY kind of linux..

    The latest versiom, Slackware Linux 9.1 continues the ten-year Slackware
    tradition of simplicity, stability, and security.

    no fancy shmancy graphical install and config crap..

    I like it !!

    And yeah.. for programming and running as a server it is excelent..
    On the other hand I also run it on my laptop and desktop as my normal operating system..

    The only downside to Slackware for beginners is that you'll have to do it yourself if you want something done..
    (where as SuSE and RH prefer that you let a "wizzard" do it for you)
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