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    I think it would be nice....

    to be able to view the amount of hours a user is on this site.

    Something like:
    Total Time - 6h, 5m, 4s

    or something like that. I would be interested in seeing the amount of time some users spend on this site. Maybe a anti-point bonus for so many hours or something.

    Just a thought
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    I like that idea. That way we can see who the real hardcores are.

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    * Neggy sets his browser to auto-refresh... *

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    No need to auto refresh, cookies never die on this site, even when I sign into other php forums I remain logged in here, even when I leave for a day and come back I was still signed in after I F5'ed it...and even after I gave my friend my password, he logged in and changed the pass, I remained logged in...I'm too lazy to post in the *bugs* forum right now...I'll get there one of these days.


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    I like the idea, that would be cool.
    But the whole leave myself logged on wouldnt work for me. I have a history/pop-up killer. As soon as i close my explorer, everything gets shot. If i come back 5 sec later, i have to sign back in.
    But all in all, I like the whole idea of a time-for-each-user type thing.


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    It depends on how you set your cookies - if I close all my browser windows containing AO, or am not active for a certain length of time (i.e. I don't load any new AO pages), I'm automaticaly logged out (and, presuming Negative has similar settings, that's why he'd need an auto-refresher, although it's fairly easy to implement one in JavaScript). But then, I'm paranoid about security.

    It would be interesting to see how long people were online for, but unfortunately the stats would be twisted somewhat with people on always-on connections staying logged in 24/7.
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