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Thread: Tweak-out music

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    Done deal. KaZaA Lite user since '02.

    Thanks anyway
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    I've had this same problem. Some songs seem to be messed up on purpose do discourage downloads. But I've also had songs that I downloaded that were good at first.....full songs great quality.....listen to them 20 times or more.....then one day they go haywire about halfway through the song. This has happened to mabey 15 songs or so out of a 3000 song library. I dont know what could cause this but I just delete the currupted song and try downloading again. If the songs you are having problems with are newer songs and they are messed up as soon as you download them and try to listen to them for the first time, I think you can thank the RIAA for that.
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    RIAA puts bogus files on kazaa, u probably dl'ed a bogus one

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    Record companies are placing corrupted songs on filesharing networks, in an attempt to "poison the well", as it were. I have heard of one case recently (not sure which companies are involved) where a record company is being sued by a filesharing network. Apparently their intentional sharing of corrupted files is a direct violation of the network's EULA. Ironic.
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    Yea Im having the same problem with alot of my music also/ I think it is just crap the RIAA puts out, also I have had songs turn to crap after listing to them I think that virus thing I mention has been relased in a new form.
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