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    Is it possible to access a computer that is connected to a LAN?

    Hi.. I dont mean any harm but i am just curious if it is possible to bypass a firewall in a LAN and access a computer that is connected to it using a computer which is not connected to a LAN let's say my pc at home? I want to access my files at work and transfer that to my pc. Is it possible?
    i\'m desperate to crack this network security and start chatting here at the office!

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    Sure its possible, but you'd either have to be the admin of the network or know the admin good to get him to let you do that. Theres always a way to get past the firewall, but I can't tell you how. If you could talk the admin into letting you do this, then you could use FTP to transfer files. But from the way your talking abou bypassing the firewall, I don't think its going to happen.

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    You can always set up a VPN....but as cheyenne said, your ultimately going to have the admin's permission...


    Good luck
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    u have to be an admin to what you talking about but its possible

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    Re: Is it possible to access a computer that is connected to a LAN?

    Originally posted here by pixelrockchick
    I want to access my files at work and transfer that to my pc. Is it possible?
    Of course it's possible, but if you have the necessary authority to work on your files at home, there should be no reason to ask that question here. You say that you "want to access" not that you'r "allowed to access"---------- Talk to your Sys Admin

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    I have done a fair bit of remote access work, and always used a VPN (virtual private network). Problem with this is it is expensive, well over here it is.

    There may be a simpler solution? I have worked at home on stuff that the administrator/User had copied onto a CD for me. If the process is 2-way then it needs to be a read/write CD and you will need a read/write CD on your home machine.

    If you want to do this on a daily/interactive basis, then VPN is the solution. And make sure that your employer pays for the kit you have at home

    I guess the question is whether you need access to the work network and databases, or can you take what you need with you?

    Watch out for data security rules/legislation..............your boss may not care about them if his/her bonus check depends on results?


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    if u work at sony like u say in ur profile or mentioned in other posts...then i doubt they'll let u go through they're corporate firewall with all the publicity that big companies r getting for weak networks. That doesnt mean u should do it without them knowing either.

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