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Thread: Poll: How Many LED's?

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    Poll: How Many LED's?

    Just thought of this after trying to sleep with a virus scan running (always turn the computer off at night)... with nearly fifteen LED's in my room I have nearly enough light to read by just from various LED's on the box, monitor, speakers, keyboard, printer, scanner, NIC card, hub (you get the point)... with no other light available. How many LED's are on right now in the room with your primary box?
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    At least 5 or so.

    Under your name there is no "junior member" or "member" tag.... weird.

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    Hi Shriek,

    This is very interesting................Like yourself I turn off everything at night:

    1. Reduces fire hazard
    2. Reduces energy consumption

    I guess that I save about 120 (GBP) per year by doing this (about $140 (USD))

    The LED usually means that some capacitors are being charged, or some heater element is running? This does consume energy. I did once download and print a brilliant paper by the US Department of Energy on computers and energy consumption.

    I showed it to a pal of mine in site services/health & safety , and we worked out that if we made sure that all kit was powered down over the week-end and at night, the site would save around 77,000(GBP), or $108,000(USD) in energy costs per year!

    We were both given a complete PI/133 Digital Venturis desktop installation. They were selling them to the staff for $35 at the time I also got $70 from the site Director, so my pal and I could go on a beer drinking competition together.

    You also need to look at your TV, video/dvd, microwave and so on. It may just save your life, and enough money to buy a new computer every 3 to 4 years?

    Also use the energy saving lightbulbs (neon) and have tungsten only for close work/reading. That will save you about $100 per year?...a much nicer machine every 3 - 4 years?

    Please think this through....Striek may have done a great favour to society and ecology here?


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    Say about 4 on my network hub, another 1 on my keyboard, another 1 on my monitor and 2 more on my case. That's 8 on my PC alone.

    Then there is the vcr,my stereo system, and 3 surge strips. Thank God the display of my alarm clock goes out in the dark.

    So in all that's 13 if I counted correctly. That's a lot of light.

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    4 in keyboard
    1 on monitor
    1 on speaker
    1 in mouse
    2 in light stick thingy
    1 in light stick thing controller
    1 on front of case
    5 in cable modem
    4 flashing on router
    2 in 4 way plug adapters
    1 on NIC

    23 in total

    +alarm clock

    i think u have more on that u think

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    3 on laptop
    1 on ext hdd
    1 on ext hdd power suply
    2 blinking hdd/dvdrw on laptop

    that's 5 (or 7)
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    wow..i didnt realise i had som many LEDs on...

    1 on pc
    1 on monitor
    3 on router
    4 on cable modem
    1 on kvm
    1 on notebook
    1 on ext hdd
    1 on speaker
    8 on power extension

    going by what nihil says, i think i need to make some changes to my config. prob change the power extension to ones without LEDs and not switch on stuff that I am not using at that time. this might save me a hell of a lot on my utilities bill.

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    alright...now that's i'm home and sitting in my office where i spend most of my time when im not sleeping or working. Lets count the LED's shall we......

    1 on the monitor in front of me
    1 on the keyboard in front of me
    2 on my desktop (3 if you count my hdd led...im downloading 6GB worht of data right now )
    1 on my keyboard for my docking station
    4 on my laptop thats docked. (2 on the docking station, 2 on the laptop)
    1 on my Sun ultra1
    1 on the monitor for the ultra1
    5 on the 3com switch connecting the sun to my network
    1 on my b!tchbox (my box to test with)
    1 on my syslog box
    1 on my snort console
    2 on my file server
    1 on my ipx
    3 on my kvm
    1 on the keyboard for the kvm
    1 on the monitor for the kvm
    6 on my switch connecting me to another 15 LEDs or so, but that's down in the basement so I won't count those
    2 on my WAP

    I'm not including the link lights on the machines nic cards, on the switches i am, but not on the machines themselves.

    I guess that brings the total actual LEDs that would be on at any give time would be: [pong]35[/pong]

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    Flash M0nkey
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    1 - monitor
    1 - speakers
    1 - main box
    3 - keyboard
    1 - monitor (test box)
    1- test box itself
    3 keyboard (test box)
    3 - adsl modem
    5 - usb hub
    2 - printer
    1 - scanner
    1 - webcam

    total - 23

    and thats just whats sitting on in front of me - plus cd player, TV etc


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