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Thread: C++ Linux & Windows

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    C++ Linux & Windows

    I Know nearly all if not all exploits are wrote based on the linux enviroment, But for the next 4 months i am stuck with just a Windows XP/2000 system what software can i use to run and complile the exploits i have

    thanks in advance
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    Thank you for the quick reply much appreciated


    I have installed cygwin but its nothing likemy linux screen where i can type -gcc etc etc, I am looking at the documentation but its not telling me much all i need is the basics compiling a .c file and running it any help gratly appreciated

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    cygwin is set up very similar to the linux OS. even if you have linux you still need the c compiler/libs to use gcc. run the cygwin install app again. you should be given a list of packages (just like *nix) that you can install. look for the C / C++ compilers...
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