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    Originally posted here by stanger
    uh,low level format...why the f*** should he do this?
    Not all Viri can be simply removed by formating the hard drive. He says that he dosn't want to boot the computer, so that rules out using his installed AV. If he can't obtain a AV boot disk, this is just another option that is available to him. Plus doing a low level format will get rid of almost all virus, but not all.

    Just a note though, why not follow up your post with what you though was wrong with mine. Just saying "why the f***" dosn't do too much to add to the meaning of your post.


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    hey, stay cool!
    just wanted to know it.

    in my opinion the only need for lowlevel formatting is getting a bootblock virus while handling the drive with a loader that moves the start to another sector.

    btw. some drives you will kill by formatting in low level mode,won't you.

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    Originally posted here by stanger
    btw. some drives you will kill by formatting in low level mode,won't you.
    Never heard of a driving being destroyed by a low level format. I don't think that it could kill a drive, a low level format is suposed to be a basic thing regarding harddrives. I honeslty have no clue. If anyone else could comment.


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    When I said that I hadn't found one I was referring to Pro, not home. Check it out. When you press f5 in Pro. it only brings up your Bios. I have played around with alot of key Combos so I might be wrong but I believe there is no. Safe Mode in Pro.

    Atleast that is how it is on my laptop.

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    First regarding entering BIOS Setup:

    getting into the BIOS-Setup has nothing to do with the OS.. it is a motherboard BIOS (software) function..

    In some the BIOS-Setup is entered by pressing the DEL key just after the memory test
    Compaq desktops was f10, I have heard of some with f2, some even use ESC..

    Then To the Problem at hand:

    Ok questions not asked:

    1/ How do we know it is a "bootloader" virus..? is it because windows won't boot past a certain point? or because the system won't even attempt to start to boot the OS.?
    2/ just what is happening? are we getting POST, (that is Power On Self Test), then what..

    One of the things about fixing a problem.. Know what is normal, know what is supposed to happen when things are normal.. For your machine.. BUT remember that different motherboards and OS installation normal is not the same as your normal..

    Approach those questions.. and we will see how we go


    EDIT: fixed my drug induced errors (any excuse is as good as another)

    BTW.. on my GA7-VRXP mobo - F5 b4 POST/Memtest is complete.. ejects the CD Draw (master only).. and after gives the boot menu.. same as reported by iknownot
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    Not witstanding what Und3ertak3r said, and a little off topic,

    perhaps your bios has hijacked the F5 key to enter the bios.
    Are you waiting long enough to hit it?

    My XP pro, using the F5 key gives the following menu:

    Safe Mode
    Safe Mode with Networking
    Safe Mode with Command Prompt

    Enable Boot Logging
    Enable VGA Mode
    Last Known Good Configuration ( your most recent sttings that worked )
    Directory Services Restore Mode ( Windows domain controllers only )
    Debugging Mode

    Start Windows Normally
    Return to OS choices Menu

    just to clairify.
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