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    When this link is clicked, I believe it marks posts as read for all users, causing the active forums page to mysteriously go blank. After logging out, clearing cookies, and renegotiating my DHCP lease, I still don't see any posts there. Has anyone noticed this screen mysteriously going empty before or is it just me?

    If I am correct in this report then this thread should appear at the bottom of http://www.antionline.com/search.php...earchid=131753 on everypne's comp, unless someone clicks that damn link again.
    One more thing... Why is the cosmos forum labelled as private?
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    Cosmos was created as a seperate forum specifically at the request of a user. I believe JP put it in the Private area because it wasn't a) computer related b) it was -- at one time -- slated to have an "invite only" type of thing.

    As for the Mark Posts as Read, I don't know how accurate that is since my "View New Posts" allows me to see more than the link you provided. I haven't experienced anything like you mentioned unless perhaps your ISP has a caching page and it's interferring?
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    I just tried it and my screen didn't go blank all it shows me is that all of the A's are a purple color and the current threads.

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