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Thread: Something for the *nix freaks

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    Something for the *nix freaks

    For Star Wars: Episode II, Linux made Yoda a light saber-wielding action figure. In Lord of the Rings 2, waves of Orcs attacking the colossal fortress at Helm's Deep are not thousands of human extras, but digital actors created using Linux. To consumers, Linux may rank third after Windows and Macintosh, but Linux dominates motion pictures more than anyone but studio insiders may realize. It has been used to produce more than 30 blockbuster films, including Lord of the Rings, Star Wars: Episode II, Harry Potter, Shrek, and Titanic.

    In short, the big news in Hollywood about Linux is it is no longer big news. Linux has won not only renderfarm servers, but the artist desktops of the top studios. It's hard to find a large studio that does not rely upon Linux as its primary animation and special effects OS, and many smaller film studios have adopted Linux, too.

    At the software level, studios are using Linux versions of some of the leading commercial applications for 3D animation, compositing, special effects, and rendering -- Alias Maya, Apple Shake, and Pixar RenderMan. Internally, the major studios have ported millions of lines of proprietary code to Linux and are creating their new programs in Linux.
    Full Article [ here ]

    A nice article discussing Linux's place in the movie industry, how it got there, and what makes it such a hot ticket in the industry's graphics companies. Theres probably a better place for this, but it didnt fit in any of the security forums, so mods are welcome to move it whereever they think it would fit in best.
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    Nice find Syini666. A lot more info about Linux development that I didn't realize exists. It kind of shows how Linux has been and is taking its rightful place in industry.


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    IMO , Linux all the way, I would **** my Gentoo if I could
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    Originally posted here by .: Shrekkie :.
    IMO , Linux all the way, I would **** my Gentoo if I could

    Gentoo sucks, try for a blow job
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    That's pretty amazing, my Media tech teacher said that everything like that was made with macs, He should find this an interesting read, thanks for the info Syini!
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