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Thread: News baout Google

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    News baout Google

    Google Buys Web Search Company Kaltix Corp.

    Web search company Google Inc. on Tuesday said it bought Kaltix Corp., a start-up that builds the personalized and context-sensitive search tools the industry sees as part of its next wave of product offerings.


    Google to power Terra Lycos U.S. ads

    Spain's Terra Lycos signed a pact with Google to use the search engine provider's context-oriented advertising tools across several of its U.S. Web sites.


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    In general, Web search personalization works to tailor search results to a specific individual's interests and needs, which allows Google and other search providers to deliver the targeted advertising they rely on for revenues.
    It seems like this will make google a lot better than it already is. Way to go google.

    Thus far, Google claims that it has signed 150,000 monthly advertisers in part because of its reputation for delivering attractive return on investment. The search engine company also lets advertisers bid for placement atop or next to search results that are related to keywords.
    Hmmm... That's kind of interesting. You don't really get the best-matched site of the keyword you typed but the site that paid the most money.

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    Google seems to be doing extremely well, from a business perspective, considering that it started as just another search engine. I'm surprised that it's managed to buy out Kaltix, Blogger etc., and yet it's never gone public (i.e. it hasn't issued any shares/stock to the public).

    It's strange that they have the surplus cash/assets to takeover companies, because they don't appear to have many revenue streams other than their Adsense programme and licensing out their technology to other companies. Yahoo! has been around for a lot longer (and has a lot more features, such as web sites, mail etc.), yet hasn't done as well as Google (although I suppose Google could crash and burn in the next couple of years, but I doubt it).

    I suppose Google just stick at what they're good at (search engine technology/algorithms) and don't branch out/diversify as much as Yahoo! has.
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    Internet portal operator NTT-X ties up with Google

    Internet portal Goo operator NTT-X Inc said Thursday it has agreed to tie up with major U.S. portal site operator Google Inc.

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