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Thread: NF7-S ver1 and ver2...?

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    NF7-S ver1 and ver2...?

    Hi all, could somebody tell me what are the different between nf7-s ver1.x adn ver2.0. How to recognised them?

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    Did you check the A-Bit Website ?

    links for the manual.. etc there..

    the revision number is usually to do with upgrades.. hardware that is.. repositioned parts that sort of thing ,, but check the errata and faqs on that link..


    The NF7-S, based on nForce2 chipset (MCP-T + SPP), supports the latest AMD Athlon XP processors with 200/266/333/400 FSB, (400 FSB support in version 2.0 only) and features new dual 400MHz DDR memory controllers that deliver up to a 50% increase in bandwidth. With the nForce2 MCP-T, the APU (Audio Processing Unit) delivers Dolby Digital 5.1 cinematic-quality sound and 3D positional audio to your home PC. By SoundstormTM technology, the NF7-S supports Real-time audio encoding delivering up to 256 simultaneous audio streams makes games and applications come to life. With cutting-edge features and ABIT Engineering, the NF7 series is the ultimate multimedia platform for the world.
    Found on the above link

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    Before installing the Nforce drivers make sure you got the latest and stable ones, cause there seem to be problems with some driver releases from Nvidia.
    Also don't forget to use 2 x the same mem modules otherwise you will loose the dual channel benefit of your Nforce2 mobo... but you probably knew all that

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