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Thread: SMTP server

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    SMTP server

    Hi folks,
    assuming many AO mbrs are experienced with Mail servers product, I hope to get feedback about the following matter:

    I'm looking for a Mail server (and adds-on) that analyze SMTP encapsulated payload and sets rule on what I'd like to get rid of.
    A type of HIDS agent for SMTP server with the ability to take action and counter-measure.
    e.g. a mail matching the string "commercial in confidence" should not be pushed to a set of remote SMTP relay/servers... (just an example)

    [I've seen that postfix has some content filter capability/add-on do u have any feedback?]

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    i dunno how much time you have, but i've seen pretty nice source code for some smtp servers. you could easily modify the code to suite your needs. although i'm sure it's not the answer your looking for- it's just an idea
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    A bright idea... I wish I could...
    Time is running faster (& more costly) while I'm taking age...
    I'm a system architect & I have the nostalgy of high school studies and self experiment.

    Anyway thanks I've found some sources such as Dropmail. It would make my life easier if sm1 experienced such apps and give feedback...

    cheers anyway

    (time, time, time...)
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