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Thread: Your primestar satellite dish is a wireless antenna!

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    Post Your primestar satellite dish is a wireless antenna!

    I haven't tried constructing one yet, and I'm sure some people here have seen this, but in case some of the newer people haven't....check this out.

    Primestar Wireless Antenna

    now I just gotta find one of those satellite dishes. I have an extra DirecTV dish, but it isn't as big, so I would imagine the gain wouldn't be as high.

    *runs and gets tools*



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    I have been using an old Galaxy satellite dish (defunct pay-tv carrier from Oz) to do my wireless for a few months now and it works a treat.

    It's an 80cm dish with the 2.4Ghz feedhorn .... rain, hail and a few trees doesn't stop this baby !!!

    There is a wireless guru in a neighbouring suburb who does all the mod's really cheaply .... he took the old dish, did the mods and gave it back to me on the same day - the most expensive part of the exercise was the cabling and connectors.

    Edit: I should say I stumbled onto the site you have linked while investigating the propect of setting up a wireless network .... it was the one that gave me the idea which came to be the real thing.

    The story of my wireless adventure is here, http://www.westnet.com.au/enigma13/wireless/index.html complete with pic of the sat dish.

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