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Thread: New Discussion Forum Idea: Wireless Security

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    New Discussion Thread

    Please excuse me if this suggestion as already been made, but I notice there is no Wireless Security forum under the Security Discussions topics.

    Are there not enough posts to make a dedicated forum for this?

    just a suggestion


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    I think such a forum would be a good idea, given the growing use of wireless in both the US and the UK. Security is probably the main issue with wireless (although I suppose availability and speed come into the equation quite heavily too), so it'd be a good idea to have a dedicated forum for it.
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    Though it's growing in popularity, I don't think there's a need yet for an entire forum dedicated to wireless security. Most wireless security can be covered in a paper, and room for questions will cease to exist if they read basic faqs/tutorials on securing your WiFi. I think it's best left meshed w/general security --


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