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    OKAY OKAAY so from what I hear, since Ive done nothing but program on C++ for about 2 years VB should be easier to learn then??? If this is true then this is great news YEY
    (okay let me not get all my hopes up)

    ohh and by the way dont let any language scare you, C is not that hard to learn if you put your effort to it.
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    i tried to learn VB before i started to take a course on C++ and i thought that VB was hard. lol sounds stupid but i couldnt even get my programs to print my name. i was ten at the time, but still, i had a lot of trouble. Now that i am a fairly experienced C++ programmer, i am taking Java because i herd it was suppose to be really easy...which i think it is, but i have never built up the courage to learn VB...anyways, as a first language, i would recommend learning C++. I liked it a lot and you can do a ton of cool stuff with it
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    I personally would recommend C. C is deep enough to let you learn most programming concepts. VB is just too much tied to M$ and this will lead you to thinking in VB when learning other programming languages. From C, it would just be a small step into C++, Java and other different programming languages out there.

    my 2cents

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    that is correct. C is a lot like other languages. Javascript looks very simular. With a knowledge of C you would have quite an easy time with javascript and other languages.
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    I started with QBASIC as an elective in 7th grade. I soon moved to TI-BASIC for the TI-83+ (a graphing calculator). From there, some HTML , and then I dove straight into C++, picking up on VC++, and a tidbit of VB and JAVA on the way. C++ is not that difficult once you have a foundation of some sort in programming. I'd hold off on VB and try some things like QBASIC and JAVA first. Then you can move to C++ which is one of the most used languages in x86 development today. C# (see-sharp) would be an investment afterwards due to the fact that it's built on .NET framework.

    my $.02

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    Whatever language you choose to learn, stick with it. Don't be one of these people who bounce from VB, to C, to Java, to Pascal, to AWK, to fortran, to god knows what. You'll only waste your time. Learn 1 language well, and you will be 100% better off, than learning the "basics" of 5 languages.

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