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Thread: Connection Requests To 42403

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    Connection Requests To 42403

    I didn't know exactly where to put this thread but I'm fairly tired of trying to figure out why my firewall logs are getting bombarded by connection requests to port 42403 which the last time I checked is an unassigned port. I tracerouted the IP address and didn't come up with much

    The IP's I traced were and (from my firewall logs)

    Both traced back to AT&T Canada Telecom Services Company. I emailed them the logs and a complaint. My questions is, are any of you getting the same activity in your logs? just curious, because the last time I seen this much activity was the SQL Slammer.
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    I can't find anything about that port number, but my guess would be that its some person scanning for trojans on your computer.

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    i would have to go with cheyenne on this too. I couldnt find anything specific on this port and my guess would be someone scanning for trojans or open ports. But if tis the same port over and over again then the bet would be on trojans. Could be a new worm that hasnt been discoverred too.

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    that port is listed as unasigned on http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers
    I got this link from Striek (thanks) out of a post he made a few days ago. the link lists all of the known port assigments
    # 41796-43187 Unassigned

    just for info here is another good site with some updated data
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